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Milk Top Performing Commodity in 2011

This is not good news for most, but milk futures as reported by the Chicago Mercantile Exchange have risen 41% this year.  Milk has risen in price more than crude oil, cattle, gold and silver.  As of December 29th, it’s … Continue reading

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Educating Today for Retirement in 2062

Someone graduating from high school in 2012, currently considering college, might look forward to retirement in 2062.  No one alive today has a concrete idea what the world will look like, or what problems mankind will face in 2062.  We … Continue reading

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Modern Economic Theory, Lost in Translation

The science of economics is a product of the industrial age, so the language used by economists seems to be archaic.  Many of the tools used to manage modern economies are industrial age tools, and Western Society is accustomed to … Continue reading

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