No Need To Go To Mexico

After Saturday morning’s impressive snow fall in Albuquerque, people were cross-country skiing in the Sandia Mountain foothills.  We went on a very nice hike in foot deep snow.  Then just 24 hours later I was riding my mountain bike in the same area, wearing biking shorts and a t-shirt.

Sandia Mountain Foothills Saturday Morning

Seeing so much snow vanish in this timeframe caused a bit of mental dissonance.  While biking I thought about our hike the previous day, and remembered a trip to Mexico one winter.  Sunday afternoon it felt as if I had just debarked off a plane after flying for hours from the New England to Los Cabos, Mexico.  The contrast between Saturday’s snow and Sunday afternoon’s hot sun and the warm air was just as great.

Sandia Mountain Foothills Sunday Afternoon

So I decide that this was a gift from above in more ways than one.  We got to experience two different seasons during the same weekend and I got to participate in two really fun activities. The land and the aquifer both received some much needed water.  Once again I felt fortunate to live in a part of the country with such amazing diversity of culture, weather and outdoor activities.  This place really is The Land of Enchantment!

Mountain biking in Sandia Foothills on Sunday

Mountain biking in Sandia Foothills on Sunday

Saturday Hike With Dogs

Saturday Hike With Dogs


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I love the diverse people and cultures in the United States and especially New Mexico & Colorado. I enjoy exploring new trails, as the South West USA is amazing. I'm a small business owner and software developer. I've taught economics, built computers, vegetable oil powered cars, software, and like to write about things that could make our lives more meaningful, pleasant and less stressful.
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