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Chart on Resource Depletion

I came across a claim that there is about 13 years of recoverable indium for use by industry today on ZeroHedge. A link pointed to this chart on with this chart showing various elements and estimates for their useful … Continue reading

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Dr. Albert Bartlett on Arithmetic, Population and Energy

Dr. Albert A. Bartlett – Professor Emeritus Department of Physics University of Colorado at Boulder “The Greatest Shortcoming of the Human Race is our Inability to Understand the Exponential Function” He starts of the lesson with the rule of 70 … Continue reading

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Agriculture and Energy in a Global Warming Forecast

A high-level overview of Global Warming research and an extrapolation of what it means to water production, energy production and agriculture. We take a high-level look at the social and investment implications of major global trends. Continue reading

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Mounting Risks of a Spike in Oil Prices

In Nigeria a four-day national strike has caused chaos around the country, and threatens to disrupt oil exports.  This event is poorly timed for consumers, as tensions continue to mount in Iran.  The probability of a sudden spike in oil … Continue reading

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Milk Top Performing Commodity in 2011

This is not good news for most, but milk futures as reported by the Chicago Mercantile Exchange have risen 41% this year.  Milk has risen in price more than crude oil, cattle, gold and silver.  As of December 29th, it’s … Continue reading

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